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Awakening Retreats

Awakening retreats are real fun and faith filled thing. This student-led retreat is an opportunity to build up men  and women as sisters in Christ and to deepen your identity as a Christian in a joyful and community-focused way. While each night looks different, some things to look forward to are: guest speakers, small group discussions, and some creative, fun events.

Awakening Retreat #72 (Oct 7-9, 2022)

"Awakening 72 was one of my most rewarding and grace-filled weekends ever. The speakers were absolutely killer, the small groups were so clearly orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, and there were tears of every imaginable kind. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a rector, and having Natalie by my side was a gift in itself we couldn’t have done it without all our fabulous staff, all the wonderful retreatants, the prayers and sacrifices of so many, and obviously the Lord’s continuous presence. Let’s have a year full of corny jokes and Christ’s joy in this beautiful community 

Also shoutout to the FIFTEEN PEOPLE in adoration at 1am?? And to every single person who went out of their way to grow their relationship with Jesus this weekend. Whatta love for the Lord we cultivated, thank you for allowing that to happen. Love y’all so much."

Caroline Burke, Rector of Awakening #72

Awakening Retreat #73 (Fall, 2023)

No worries if you couldn't make it to #72. There's always a next time. Awakening will be back in fall-2023 with brand-new theme, new excitements and life-changing experiences. Will keep you posted. See you there.

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