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Our retreats at CCM are all about giving you the opportunity to flourish and to become the version of yourself. Most of our retreats are student-led where students are able to speak heart to heart with one another and better meet the needs of their peers.

Awakening Retreat #74 (Fall)

Iron sharpens iron. The Awakening Retreat is a student-led retreat that gives students the opportunity to build each other up as brothers and sisters in Christ. It also draws them into deepening their identity as a Christian made for greater things in life. While each day looks different, some things to look forward to are the guest speakers, small group discussions, and community building moments.

October 4-6, 2024


Marriage | Priesthood | Religious Life

Hearing God's voice in your in the midst of a busy schedule can be difficult. We want to encourage you to find that time through this retreat, to take time to listen and discern the path God is calling you on.

November 8-9, 2024

SEEK 24 FOCUS Conference (Winter)

Join us in St. Louis, MO for 5 days along with other college students to experience the universality of the Catholic faith. You are not alone when it comes to striving for a greater relationship with God. Listen to talks, pray, meet new people, join small groups, learn about different Catholic organizations and businesses geared towards you, and much more!

January 1-5, 2025


Women's Retreat (Spring)

Spend a weekend with sisters who are here to love and support you. Discover the beauty and truth God has placed in your heart. Learn from one another through both your joys and struggles in life.

Men's Retreat (Spring)

Spend a weekend with brothers who desire the same things as you, whether it be to know what's actually worth pursuing in life, community, support, brotherhood, etc. This is a place where you can be totally honest with yourself and with others and grow from there.

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