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Small Groups
and Bible Study

“Our hearts were made for You, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in you.”


Our student leaders guide numerous small groups throughout the week. No matter what your needs, there is a small group to help you learn about the Lord and grow deeper in your relationship with Him. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow in faith and fellowship with a smaller group of your peers. We have groups for freshman, upperclassmen, men, women, and a mix of all that in between. 

Some of the topics currently being covered are: Theology and Sanity, The Crux, Scripture and many more.  


There's something special about meeting with your peers each week to share about your faith journey and push one another to strive for holiness. Small groups have cultivated countless encounters with the Father through the study of scripture, church teachings, and through the incredible women and men who give of themselves each week.


For me, joining a small group at CCM was something that was really important. Having people around you who share your beliefs is really important. I encourage everyone to join a small group - I think that its something that can only help you in your collegiate journey as a Catholic here on campus, and if you haven’t found it beneficial, you may simply need to find a new group of individuals who can relate to you.


The coolest part about small groups is that what you get out of it is different for everyone and what the person next to you may be receiving in benefit of Small Groups could be totally different than the way that being in a small group is good for you! 



For more details contact:

Andrew Mercer PhD
Director of Religious Education

Joanna Schmidt
Peer Minister for Faith Formation


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