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Bible Studies & Small Groups

If you aren't changing your schedule to follow Jesus, you are not a disciple of Jesus.

Fr. Mike Schmitz

Being in a small group means that we are willing to walk with each other. Our student leaders guide numerous small groups throughout the week. No matter what your needs, there is a small group to help you learn about the Lord and grow deeper in your relationship with Him. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow in faith and fellowship with a smaller group of your peers. We have groups for freshman, upperclassmen, men, women, and a mix of all that in between. 

Some of the topics currently being covered are: Theology and Sanity, The Crux, Scripture and many more. 


Join a Small Group for 2024-2025


Lead a Small Group for 2024-2025

For questions or more details, please contact:

Andrew Mercer PhD
Director of Religious Education

Bella Humm
Peer Minister for Small Groups


Student Testimonies

Will Kuster

Senior | Drury University

"Small group here at CCM has taught me more about myself as a person and about my faith. Being able to grow in friendship with other men is not only fun but strengthens my relationship with God and motivates me to be a better Catholic every day."


Leah Anderson

Sophomore | Missouri State University

"Small group has given me a place to know I can come as I am. I have been surrounded by authentic women who call me higher and I do the same for them. The intentionality and love that comes with my small group has been hard to comprehend. I am just overjoyed knowing I have these women and CCM as a backbone."

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