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Faith Formation

Always remember this: life is journey. It's a path, a journey to meet Jesus.

Pope Francis

seeking truth Seeking truth is a phrase commonly used to describe the pursuit of knowledge

Truth Seeking

Veritas is a weekly gathering at Catholic Campus Ministry where you can honest questions, share stories, seek truth, find meaning, build community and encounter God.

It is the right formation program for you whether you are exploring life, the Catholic Faith, preparing to enter the Church or wanting to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. 

The True Vine

Our new Freshmen Formation is geared towards helping first year students gain the confidence they need to be fully alive in their faith and relationship with God and others. It is an opportunity for them to grow in fellowship with other students and to be equipped with the basic and foundational knowledge of the Faith.

If you want to know more or have any questions, feel free to reach out to

Andrew Mercer PhD, Director of Religious Education


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St. Louis University Course

Potential Fall 2023 Courses:

Eastern Christianity | Catholicism & the Environment

Courses are accredited through Saint Louis University and are each one credit-hour. Days and times will be determined by student availability.


Open to all current college students and adult learners. $225 tuition.

Brought to you by the College of Philosophy and Letters at:

Instructor: Dr. Andrew Mercer

Contact for details.

You will then be contacted when registration is available.

Catholic Podcasts, etc.

We want to provide students with the necessary tools to continue growing in their love for God and the Church. Check out the different Catholic podcasts and video series our students recommend. 

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