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"For it is in the giving that we receive."

St. Francis of Assisi 

Alumni Testimonies

Our generous donors have been the lifeblood of the ministry for the past 76 years. Every single brick of our building, every single life we are able to touch everyday has behind it stories of sacrifices and generosity of many.  We cannot tell you enough how big your gifts meant to us. Thanks a million and may Christ bless you!  


 How You Can Give 

If you are considering to make a gift to us, no amount is too small or too large to make a difference.


Virtual Offerin.png

For checks, make payable to:

"Catholic Campus Ministry"

To mail in, send check to:

Catholic Campus Ministry

Attn: Development

847 S Holland Ave.

Springfield, MO 65806

More Ways to Give


Plant a Tree

Plant a tree at the O'Reilly Catholic Student Center in memory of your loved one or to celebrate your anniversary etc. To explore the opportunity.


Pave the Way

Write your own brick to be placed on the veranda of the O'Reilly Catholic Student Center. It's a great idea for graduating or incoming students, baptisms, weddings, and anniversaries just to name a few. Each brick is $300.

For any and all of these ways to donate to our ministry, please contact:

Bev Franklin | Development & Alumni Relations

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