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Campus Minister

Meet Juliana Elliott

Juliana loves God, dancing and sparkling water and comes from Bend, Oregon where her parents reside. She has had the opportunity to live in a variety of states in her young adult years and is blessed to find herself putting down roots in Missouri. Juliana graduated with a BS degree in Dance Management from Oklahoma City University. As she traveled from state to state furthering her career as a professional theater dancer, she often found herself in volunteer leadership roles in ministry or helping to start young adult groups.  Before moving to Missouri, Juliana worked as an Ecclesiastical Notary in the Tribunal in the Diocese of Baker. This furthered her fervor for trying to find a way to ensure all people know they are “made good”.


Juliana is passionate about helping the Catholic Church practically minister to the people of today and loves learning more about Pope John Paul II’s great teachings in the Theology of the Body. 


When she isn’t serving at CCM, performing in Branson, or working as a dance studio business consultant; Juliana loves walking, listening to podcasts, offering unsolicited advice about body mechanics, and spending time (hopefully drinking coffee) with friends old and new. 

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