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St. Louis University at CCM

Catholic Campus Ministry has partnered with Saint Louis University in a pilot program to offer courses in Catholic Studies through the College of Philosophy and Letters at SLU in-person at CCM in Springfield. To make these courses available to as many students as possible, SLU discounted their tuition rate to $225 per credit hour and created a streamlined registration process, waiving the normal transcript requirement. For the Spring 2024 semester, thanks to a generous donor, all tuition fees are now covered for any student that enrolls! 

Course Description

Sexuality & Gender in Catholic Thought

A one credit reading course


The aim of this seminar is to promote dialogue and deepen understanding of Catholic teaching on sexuality and gender by introducing students to a variety of voices from past and present on this theme. Readings will include conciliar and papal documents, selections from ancient and medieval Christian figures, as well as contemporary theological and pastoral perspectives. Students will be challenged to develop a more robust grammar of Christian anthropology, to evaluate competing ideas, and to distinguish between speculative and dogmatic teachings. No written work is required. This is a discussion-based reading course.

How to register


Here is the process for registering for the Spring 2024 course:


  • Students fill out the visiting student app by clicking the "Register" button below.

  • No need to send an official transcript - that will be waived. 

  • Once the student applies, the visiting student application to SLU will be processed within 48 hours. 

  • In that 48-hour period, you will be registered for the class, and will be sent a confirmation email with your SLU course and student information by SLU staff member Jacob Wierson ( 

  • Please contact Jacob if you have any questions about the application process. 


For more details on the course contact: 

Andrew Mercer

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