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Fr. Bibin's Corner

The whole point of life is to learn to be a gift.

- Fr Mike Schmitz


Hey guys, this is Fr. Bibin.


"It is good that you exist." (Benedict XVI).

Absolutely. Let us build our life on this truth. Let us fight those forces and voices that try to tell you otherwise. We are made for good, made for more. There's more to grow, more to explore, more to become. Let's go.

Go bears. Go more. 

About Fr. Bibin

Fr Bibin Mathew C.M.F. comes from Kerala, a green state deep south of India. He is an eastern catholic missionary priest of the USA - Canada Province of the Claretian Missionaries (Cordis Marie Filii ).

Best-liked: Matt 9:9, Balthasar, laughter, Fr Mike Schmitz & Bishop Barron, Andy’s, birds & bees, quiet & cool, sense & incense, hiking, reading, listening, serving (& forgetting - haha).

Least-liked: devil and division, propaganda

Thoughts from our Chaplain

Let me tell you a coffee story. 


I was born in Kerala (known as God's own country) a state deep south of India. I grew up in my dad's farmhouse that had many tall coffee plants. A light early December rain signaled the plants to blossom. Then it's a lot of fun. The fragrant white blossoms on green twigs opened at night inviting hundreds of  busy bees to pollinate. In a couple of days, blossoms would turn into tiny green dots, grow in weeks, and ripe. On weekends it was a labor of love for our family to harvest the cherry-red pods, sun-dry them, extract beans, grind. Mom would add condiments to flavor the rich cups of coffee that caffeinated our family moments and helped us focus on a lot of things in life in an amazing way.   


College time is a cool time, and a crucial time. Those couple of years of your life can have the power to direct your career, can tremendously impact the rest of your life. A lot of great things can happen, toxic things too. So it becomes so vital to stay focused, grow in good company. 


Catholic Campus Ministry, I would say, is a kind of caffeinating space. You can go here to enrich yourself with a lot of good things. The community can help you grow tremendously in many ways. An authentic, adventurous journey of seeking can take you a long way in finding the purpose of your life and building life-giving relationship with Christ and one another. Let us walk together. Let's grow into an amazing GIFT.

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